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Hey Everybody! I'm Cici!

I started my business during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was 16 years old, bored, and needed some extra money.  After salons closed, I made fake nail press-ons for my girlfriends and school girls. I charged $10 bucks for 20 nails, and my mother drove me around while I delivered them to mailboxes.

after a few months of this, I posted a video that went viral. By 5 a.m. on Sunday, November 22nd, I had 23,000 followers, the video had 130,000 likes, and it had 980,000 views.

There were hundreds of people interested in buying nails and no website to buy from. My dining room wall was covered with post-it notes of orders which turned into me working every day for a month straight. During that time, I signed online for my classes remotely as a result of the pandemic for my junior year of high school.

 I painted nails from around 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. most days/nights. Many nights I stayed up into the early hours of the morning, working in the dark house while my family slept, except by the night of my lamp. 

In the first week of December 2020, I sent nails to every state in America at least twice, including Hawaii and Alaska.  My friends would come over after classes ended, or at lunch period when there was enough time to drive to my house and log on to school in order to help me with this newfound social media fame and mass influx of orders! 

In February 2021 I befriended a young woman known as Thegodmutha on TikTok who also starred in Families of the Mafia, Staten Island on MTV and she even wore my nails on the Wendy Williams show!  

When May 2021 rolled around, I was shipping to Canada, I started doing local craft and vendor shows in Pittsburgh in the summer.

In August 2021, two weeks before my senior year of high school started I signed a lease for my own section of a boutique in Lawrenceville called Boheme Pittsburgh, it is the cutest place with a whole bunch of creators and sellers from our own little corner of Pittsburgh and I'm so honored to be in with all of these incredible, colorful and funky creators. 

by March of 2022, I temporarily had sets in the "How You Wear It" fashion Exhibit in the Museum Lab of Pittsburgh.

Since then, I have moved to Burlington, VT to continue my studies at Champlain College to get my marketing degree as well as started to ship on a global scale. 

 My business boomed, literally overnight and I have been so thankful for the growth and experience I continue to gain and for every opportunity to share my story with other young entrepreneurs 

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